Valley Community Loan Fund

Financing and Services for Jobs  


        Valley Community Loan Fund Inc. ( a non-profit organization in formation) plans to  increase business activity, employment, incomes and the well being of individuals and families by providing additional business financing, access to and  subsidies for education and training, management information and mentoring to unemployed, low and  moderate income and otherwise underserved members of our communities, small businesses and nonprofit community organizations in southwest  New Hampshire and south eastern Vermont, with an initial focus on the “Upper Valley” area.

Community loan funds are akin to community banks in that they make loans, primarily commercial loans, in their target geographic regions. They are generally nonprofit organizations organized under section 501c3 of the internal Revenue Code. The Fund has applied for nonprofit status with  the Internal Revenue Service.


Merilynn Bourne

Executive Director, Listen Community Services

William Koppenheffer, Attorney

Paul P. Tierney

Director and CEO

Jonathon Chaffee,

Retired ED Lebanon Housing Authority

Ronald Michaud,

Retired West Central Behavioral Health

Richard Wierwille,

Pastor, West Lebanon Congregational Church